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Rise Of Brotherhood Society At Russian Cultural Centre

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

17th October, 2018 09:04:12 printer

Rise Of Brotherhood Society At Russian Cultural Centre

Photo: Tasin Zulkernain

Russian Cultural Centre (RCC) is the cradle of many rock and metal bands in Bangladesh. The venue where 300 to 350 people fit comfortably well is a second home for many young rock musicians. You are not a metal-head until you have worn a dark T-shirt with black jeans and head-banged in a UG show in RCC. In other words, this venue is the birthplace of many renowned rock bands. It’s important that some groups are there to carry forward this legacy and that is exactly why Brotherhood Society has come forward. It is basically a group of young musicians who felt the need to stir up the metal scene once again. With so many people lining up for tickets, it was evident that they had surely stirred it up! The concert titled “Drones of Destruction” was held on Friday (12 October) at Russian Cultural Centre. Mechanix, Warsite, Green Army, Averse, Audoibik, Karmant and Obnoxious performed in it.

All the bands in the gig were kind of the organizers as well where Utchas Chakraborty, L.h Jacky and Asif Adnan played the main role. “The main goal was to start a new era of metal music in the scene,” said Utchas. The name “Drones of Destruction” came from Asif Adnan. “The name symbolizes our united stand as the drones for the destruction against all the negativity surrounding us.”


There were quite a few Pantera covers in the event where Green Army did “Becoming” and Audoibik did “Domination”. Obnoxious did a Sepultura cover while Mechanix did “Fuel”. While all the bands did covers, their main focus was on their original songs, which the crowd simply loved. Something interesting about this gig is that in other UG shows we mostly see the headliner band having a huge crowd while other bands getting a handful of audience. However, in this gig, the headliner Mechanix had a great crowd but all the other bands as well saw a good number of loyal and enthusiastic fans who were head-banging to each of their songs. Each band equally stole the limelight of the show. When you see something like this, you know that the UG metal scene really is reviving!

After such a successful show, members of the Brotherhood Society are already gearing up for the next event. “We have already made our next show plan which will take place just after the national election. The next show will be full of surprises,” shared L. H. Jacky.