US-Bangla victim given partial compensation

Staff Correspondent

26th September, 2018 10:32:23 printer

FM Associates, a law firm assigned the task of processing compensation on behalf of the US-Bangla plane crash victims, has handed over an early partial compensation payment to a survivor -- Eakub Ali.

The law firm, upon the approval of the insurers of the airline, has sanctioned an early payment of $10,000 (Tk 8.27 lakh) to the survivor.

Barristers Al Amin Rahman,  Wajed Jamil and Zayeema Khan of FM Associates, handed over cheque for the money to Eakub Ali on Tuesday at its office in the city, said a press release of FM Associates.

Injured Eakub Ali, who had been diagnosed with several physical injuries, requested an early partial payment. Considering his appeal, the partial compensation was disbursed.

Earlier on August 6, FM Associates disbursed $50,000 in full and final compensation to the legal successors  of six deceased Bangladeshi passengers and to one injured Bangladeshi passenger.

There was an outflow of preliminary advance payments distributed by FM Associates upon the confirmation and authorisation from the insurers of the airline company in order to assist the bereaved families and the injured passenger to meet their medical expenses or to eradicate any financial hardships, they said in a press release.

The US-Bangla aircraft crashed at the Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, on March 12, killing at least 50 passengers out of 71 on board. There were 27 Bangladeshi nationals, including four cabin crew.

The task of processing the compensation on behalf of the families of both the deceased and the survivors was assigned to the law firm FM Associates in Bangladesh.

It has sincerely communicated with the affected families, insurer of the airline company i.e US Bangla in dealing with the dispersion of the compensation money to the rightful heir to the deceased and the injured.