How Shashi Kapoor met his wife Jennifer Kendal the first time

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5th December, 2017 03:42:37 printer

How Shashi Kapoor met his wife Jennifer Kendal the first time


Veteran bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor passed away On Monday. The Legend’s top 5 quotes:


"While with Prithvi Theatre, one day I saw a beautiful girl with a scarf and heavy eardrops sitting in the audience. That moment was the turning point in my life. Two years later, I married Jennifer Kendal."


"I first fell in love when I was six, with Vanmalaji from Sikander [1941]. One day I asked papaji, 'Main vanmalaji se shaadi kar sakta hoon."


"My happiest moment was when my brother Raj Kapoor beat me up and then felt bad, so he took me to a Chinese restaurant for lunch."


"Why do we have this hang-up in our country? About always coming out as heroes. In the West great names like Olivier, Burton, Harrison frequently played second roles. There's nothing demeaning about that."


"It's more important to take Jennifer and the children for a movie and coffee at the Shamiana rather than hobnob at the same old dreary party, with the same old dreary people, doing the same old dreary things"


Shashi and his wife Jennifer Kendal established the Prithvi Theatre in November 1978 in Mumbai. Jennifer died of cancer in 1984.