A new form of violence against women

Ahamed Ullah

4th November, 2017 06:18:11 printer

A new form of violence against women

Cutting parts of women’s attire by stalkers on a passenger bus poses a new security threat to female office-goers and students in the capital.


 Several incidents of this type occurred in the capital  last week.


Many victims shared their horrific experiences through social media, as they were surprised at experiencing  such incidents.


According to a facebook status of Anika Jinat, a student of East West University, she and her friend were travelling by bus from Rampura to Mugda on Tuesday. During the journey, Anika felt someone was trying to touch her from behind.

Soon she looked back and saw a middle-aged man on a back seat.


Immediately she changed her seat as most of the seats in the bus remained vacant.


Later, the duo got down from the bus. But Anika’s friend found that Anika’s dress was cut off. Anika could easily guess that the man who sat behind her in the bus was the evil-doer.


Similar incidents happened to Sharmin Choity, a student of Eastern University, while she was travelling by bus from Azimpur to City College.


A woman journalist told the daily sun that she was on a Mirpur-bound bus on Wednesday. Suddenly she felt someone trying to touch her from behind.


However, she intercepted it with his left hand.

But after reaching home, she discovered that her sari was cut off. She could easily understand who did that evil act.


All the victims were astonished soon after the incidents as they were not ready for this kind of unpleasant situations. Some victims even cannot understand the motive for the incident. They demanded exemplary punishment to the perpetrators through fair investigation.


 Contacted, RAB Legal and Media Wing Senior ASP Mizanur Rahman Bhuyian, told the daily sun, “We got no complaint in this regard.”


“But if anyone files this kind of complaint, RAB will take action.” he added.