3 Quick Fashion Tips For Busy Women

20th March, 2015 06:32:28 printer

3 Quick Fashion Tips For Busy Women

How to get dressed in a snap and still look great
Dresses are the easiest thing in your closet, so when you're running late for work, this is the time to pull one out. Pair a sleeveless dress with a cardigan and a statement necklace and you instantly look like you spent a lot more time thinking about your outfit. Pull everything together with black opaque tights and matching booties.Need to head out for a girls' night? Or decided at the last minute to go on that date? Don't worry. You're prepared, even if you don't feel like it. Pull out an embellished sweater or a fancy sweatshirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of print heels (I love my leopard ones). You're instantly put together. The black skinnies are perfect for any nighttime occasion and the not-so-simple sweater is both casual and elegant, getting you from drinks to dinner or your favorite night spot. Leopard print heels are a great option if you're pressed for time. Treat them like a neutral! Your outfit will be fashionista-approved — and it only took you five minutes to put it together! Mix and match and create a colour collage!

How to do a Quick Make Up
You don't have enough time to do a proper make up. grab some foundation, face powder- do not overdo it but simply apply where it's necessary. Put on a dark red or pink lipstick. The dark colour takes away the focus from the rest of the features so you really don't need to worry about mascara, blush, etc if you are in a hurry.

How to do a Quick Hairstyle
There are no quick hairstyles! All you can do if your re in a hurry is leave it open and comb it well. You could also tie a loose bun and look dashing.