Too many vehicles a day!

8th August, 2017 12:34:07 printer

This is not a joke but a picture of the reality as depicted by the reporter of this daily. In his search for the truth he found out that as many as 365 new vehicles are rolling out on the city streets every day. One may find this fact absurd on all counts, when taking into consideration how motorised vehicles of all sizes and shapes keep the roads completely chock-a-block with no space even for a human to pass.


According to the daily sun report, so many new vehicles, including buses and private cars hit the city streets every day, worsening the city’s nagging traffic congestion, much to the sufferings of commuters.  Registration of vehicles, particularly cars has gone unbridled in the recent years. Apart from the main roads, every lane in the city witnesses traffic tangle even at late nights.


 The large number of private cars running on the streets is mainly responsible for terrible traffic congestion in the capital.  A bus has the capacity to carry 30-50 passengers depending on size while a private can carry only 3-4 people. Currently, a total of 250,458 private cars are running on the city streets while the number of buses and minibuses is 39,514, BRTA data shows.


Experts say that this is the reason why the number of vehicles is increasing alarmingly on the city streets. They fear that if the situation continues unchecked, traffic system in the capital will totally collapse.


At present, the total number of registered vehicles in the capital is 1,114,191 till May of the current year, according to the BRTA statistics. Last year, some 110,520 vehicles were registered for plying the streets in the capital while the number was 95,743 in 2015.  


This needs no mention that we have to develop a well-organised public transport system to improve traffic situation in the capital.  In absence of efficient public transport system, private vehicles dominate the city streets much beyond the capacity of the thoroughfares to cope with.