Magnesium: Key mineral for healthy body

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22nd June, 2017 10:47:08 printer

Magnesium: Key mineral for healthy body



Heard of magnesium deficiency? It is quite possible that you are not getting enough magnesium or may be deficient. Only one per cent of magnesium is distributed in the blood. Rest is mounted in bones and organs. So a simple blood test lsquo;serum magnesiumrsquo; would not benefit much. That is why magnesium deficiency remains an invisible deficiency. One effective test developed so far by health experts is the lsquo;Exa Testrsquo;.


If testing is unavailable keep a watch on the signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Muscle spasms and cramps seizures anxiety depression and irregular heart rhythms are the common symptoms of low magnesium. Other signs are calcium deficiency potassium deficiency high blood pressure nausea type II diabetes difficulty in swallowing respiratory issues loss of appetite apathy poor memory confusion and reduction in ability to learn. The symptoms may be many more but it does not mean that you are 100 per cent deficient in magnesium if your body shows any or more such signs.


We all have read about magnesium as a mineral in our school times but you may not know its significance for your health. Magnesium is a macro-mineral needed by the body in large amounts. The average human body contains about 25 grams of magnesium. nbsp;Every organ of your body especially your heart muscles and kidneys need magnesium. It is involved in over 300 metabolic processes in our body. It is necessary for proper transportation of calcium to all membranes.


Magnesium allows enzymes to function properly which in turn enable a vast majority of the body’s chemical reactions. Magnesium regulates our electrolyte balance.


Struggle of vitamins without minerals make them more important. Supplementing with magnesium is a wise thought. One really accessible and easily absorbed form of magnesium is magnesium chloride. Because it is soluble in water magnesium chloride readily dissociates increasing rate of absorption. If you donrsquo;t want to supplement and want to acquire magnesium through food sources then consume pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds soya beans black beans cashews spinach sesame seeds and almonds.


It is important to know that over dosing of magnesium is still not a great idea. Too much consumption of this mineral may lead to side effects like irregular heartbeat slow breathing and diarrhoea.


Magnesium intake is the key to overall wellness. With its role in regulating the thousands of biochemical reactions it should not be over looked