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Aeroplane gets converted into restaurant in India

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  • 13th February, 2017 01:22:16 PM
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Aeroplane gets converted into restaurant in India

A New Delhi-based hospitality company has transformed a junk Airbus 320 into a swanky restaurant in Indian Ludhiana to offer its customers a unique dining experience.


The former Air India aircraft has been fittingly named Hawai Adda which literally means ‘airport’ in Hindi.


The restaurant which took more than a year to construct opened to the public last month. The 72-seater Hawai Adda serves pure vegetarian food and has a café, a bakery, and even a kitty hall that has room for up to 40 people.


Except for the furniture all the original features of the aeroplane have been retained, according to a report in Mashable.