The Secret Of Infinite World

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

7th January, 2017 06:59:09 printer

The Secret Of Infinite World

There was a small town and the natural beauty of the town was beyond description. If you travel through the town, you may say that the God has created the town by himself. Water of the river was like the symbol of crystal diamond. The blue ocean and its waves were just like a blue sky with twinkle little stars. The town was embodied with the essence of heaven, culture, history, nature, and flying birds and it was really difficult to determine which one is the predominant one among the mentioned ones.

In this creative town, three friends lived together. They were famous for their contributions in their areas. One of the friends had an influential knowledge in psychology, another one had intellectual ability in philosophy and the third one was a great scientist of the world. The people of this small town were proud of them. The people believed that they had a magical power of knowledge and they were not simple men, they were the men of heaven as simple man could realize the time in which they were moving but these three friends could see the future by their farsighted invisible power. One of the friends believed the philosophy of Plato, one was the fan of B. F. Skinner and another one realized himself as a soul of Albert Einstein.  

One day, an unidentified dead body was found nearer to the ocean. The people of the town were surprised to see the dead body and there was gossiping about “what was that, from where this unknown person came and how he died”. This was the dead body of human being or this was a ghost of the mars. They looked at one another and tried their best to find out a possible answer of the unsolved issue. Henceforth, this town was a very peaceful place in the world, and before this, the people of this town never experienced something like this.

The people of the town were supposed to believe that the life of a person was just like a life cycle of products. The newborn baby would come to the universe like an innocent soul. He will grow up with time like a plant and then he would be a young personality with his miraculous youth. During that time, he would be emotional and share his love with the fairy like lady. He would be a poet and the hero of the beautiful lady. Later, he will be old with the passage of time and go to the heaven after his death. They are expected to believe that man is mortal and everyone will have to say goodbye at some point of their life.

As they were confused about the dead body, they communicated with the three well-known friends of the town as they were eager to know the truth behind that. They were thirsty to know the secret.

The people asked the philosopher “Who was he? Where did he come from? What’s his religion? And how did he die?” The philosopher said (like Plato), “The humans are composed of two elements-body and the soul and they have different entities. Death must come from life and life from death. That is, people who are dead are just people who were alive but then experienced the transition we call dying, and people who are alive are just people who were among the dead but then experienced the transition we call being born. This suggests a perpetual recycling of human souls from the realm of the living to the realm of the dead and back. There is life after death.”


But this is a body without soul and that was made by another soul which was within a body. The people replied, “But we know that we have been created by the God.” Absolutely right, said the philosopher, but he who made the body without soul was created by God. This body without soul came from the idea of living soul. He was a religious person. But no one can say what his religion was. The people asked again, “Do you know about his religion?” The philosopher replied, “Religion is universal.


As the living soul was religious, he made the body like an artist using the concept of God. The living soul was unable to search the invisible soul. So there is no soul in the body or you may say it dead body.” The people asked the same questions to the psychologist. Psychologist said, “This is the body without mind and another conscious mind made this body by his subconscious mind. The mind came from anywhere because mind is moving around the world and in fact we have no control on it. The mind and religion are related to each other. A real religious mind can only create the art. He can be from any religion but the point is that he has a religious mind of creativity.


He who made this body had a mind but he had no magical power to make the mind. So without mind, there are no any emotions and you may say it dead body in such a case. The mind that made this art was honoured by the others for his previous creations and in this way he was motivated to make another art from his mind. It’s just like the theory of B. F. Skinner that states that behaviours that bring pleasant outcomes are likely to be repeated.”

However the people were interested to know about the scientific explanation. But the scientist answered, “It’s nothing”. It’s as an example of space and time. A lazy man who had lot of time and he has used this space for making a funny weak structure by silica sand using the light of science. In reality, he has just passed his time by making this non-productive face.”

This time people of the town were annoyed, so they shouted loudly, “One of you said it’s a body without soul, another of you said that it’s a body without mind and the last one of you termed this being as nothing.” All the people of the town thought that they had lost their mental stability and they were mad. So, they decided to avoid them in future.

Suddenly, it started raining; the people were noticing that the dead body was being decomposed because of the rain drops. Meanwhile, there was nothing so important and noteworthy to visualize near the ocean. People were surprised to see the transformation of a visible body into an invisible one within a short period of time. This was the time of realization for the people. The three friends had magical power to see the future but the people of the town could see only the present. The three friends exclaimed, “This is the truth of life. It’s nothing and it can come to an end anytime. But it’s valuable when it has living soul.”

Once upon a time, there was a small town in the world but now there is no existence of such a village in the world. But it’s shifted to another space and time in different forms and it is supposed to be continued forever. This is the magical secret of the infinite world.


(The writer is Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Gazipur.)