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10 new and upcoming features of WhatsApp

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 23rd July, 2016 07:06:36 PM
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WhatsApp, the Facebook owned mobile-based messaging service, which is being used by more than 1 billion people, has become a crucial mode of communication in several countries around the globe. Now, this messaging service is going to add a slew of new features to make it more attractive.


Here are 10 such new as well as upcoming features of WhatsApp:


Redial: Often you miss the 'call back' feature when making WhatsApp calls? But now the users will get the 'call back' option in the app. So far, 'call back' feature was available only in WhatsApp's Android app. But now this service will be available for iOS users also.


Voicemail: Another Android-only feature for now, voice mail will allow users to record messages by long pressing the 'mic' icon near the chat box. This feature is not available through Google Play store, but is available in the latest beta version.


Quotes: This is something very interesting which the WhatsApp team is going to introduce. With this functionality, now you could quote a specific conversation in those long-threaded messages. Users just need to select a message, which they want to reply to, following which a reply button comes up. Then they need to tap the button, type in the reply and simply hit Send. The feature works in both one-on-one as well as group chats.


New font: Are you bored with the chatting on WhatsApp with the same font, then you can now enjoy new type of font. The new font will be similar to the Fixedsys typeface in Windows. So far it is the only option available.


End-to-end encryption: WhatsApp has added end-to-end encryption to all its messages. This will ensure that only sender and recipient can read messages. And, just like messages, WhatsApp calls too are encrypted end-to-end.


Music sharing: As per the reports, WhatsApp is set to add music-sharing feature to its app. The feature will allow users to share music stored on their devices. The Apple users can also avail this service and share the music stored in Apple Music service.


Mention and group invites: Another upcoming feature in WhatsApp is mentions. It will come in handy during group conversations, and works in a similar way as mentions work on Facebook. It will then show the name in a different coloured text. The feature is aimed to help users grab the attention of a specific user in group conversations.


GIF support: WhatsApp is expected to add GIF support to its iOS app soon. Other instant messengers like WeChat, Line already support the same.


Big emojis: The app is also speculated to feature support for bigger emoji. This feature too is based on Apple's announcement regarding support for the same in the upcoming iOS 10.


Video Calling: Video calling was spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android users in May, but disappeared in later updates.