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Abdullah overcomes all obstacles with indomitable spirit

Nothing could separate him from Football

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  • 15th July, 2016 12:51:06 PM
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Abdullah overcomes all obstacles with indomitable spirit

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Insensible behavior and indifferent attitude of surrounding people hurt physically challenged or disabled persons. As a result, maximum physically challenged or disabled persons displace themselves from normal social activities and become introvert. In the process, they lose their confidence. But, all are not same as few people try to overcome all the obstacles ahead of them and face the life with their indomitable spirit. Mohammad Abdullah, a player of Nine Star Club is one of them.


Mohammad Abdullah, a name of a character who never likes to defeat. Everybody would be surprised to see him. It is unbelievable but true that Abdullah is playing Football without his two legs! Only for this reason, his life story would be inspired for any struggle.


Nothing could prevent Abdullah from playing football. Despite his physical limitations, he loved to participate in different sports especially football attracted him the most. He was confident about his football potentials. Back then, he didn’t find any team or organization related to football for physically challenged persons.


 Abdullah was found in last Tuesday in Paltan Maydan where he was playing for Nine Star Club. The tournament was organized for under-14 underprivileged street children


The general secretary of that club Mohammad Salauddin Sagir, said Abdullah was working in Sadarghat as porter. But everyday he was coming in Paltan for playing football since couple of years. I was very much fond of his playing. Where we could not play football perfectly with our two legs but he is playing without his legs.  It is absolutely God's grace.


Gradually I become fan of him and after some days I took him in my team, he added.


Abdullah has got chance in this tournament in special consideration. He is a matured youth of 22-23 years. But the ages could not presume because of his physical problem. He is suffering from lack of nutrition. But Abdullah has no time to think about it as struggle is his main motto.  


Abdullah hailed from Shariatpur. After leaving Shariatpur, at first he took shelter in Kamlapur. In 2001, he had a terrible train accident where he lost his two legs.  


Abdullah said "I like to play, I have eagerness in playing, so I am playing, I could not say noting".


He has been playing football since 2006. He has already attended some tournaments in Barishal and Bagerhat.


How you playing football without legs? He answered firmly “I know football is a sport of feet but I am not facing any problem.”


Abdullah is earning his livelihood by working in Sadarghat as a porter. He could earn 200-300 taka every day. Ronaldinho is his favorite player but he also like to watch the play of Mesi, Neimer and Ronaldo.


The administrator of Bangabandhu Stadium, Md Ishaq Mian said the authority should provide him all out support. Rehabilitation Institution for Physically Disabled people could give him dwelling as there has a facility to take part in sports events.


Source: Prothom Alo