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Kangana Ranaut would ‘love’ to star in short films

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24th June, 2016 05:12:25 printer

Kangana Ranaut would ‘love’ to star in short films

She has given path-breaking performances in films but actress Kangana Ranaut feels the future of cinema will be movies made for the Internet.


“It is not just me, I think the whole world knows that the future of cinema is Internet movies because two and a half hour film is not the future. The future is online. The sooner we realise that, the sooner we catch up. We won’t be lagging behind the rest of the world,” Kangana told reporters in Mumbai.


The actress was speaking at the launch of filmmaker Shirish Kunder’s short movie Kriti. The Queen star said that she would love to feature in a short film but the genre should be similar to that of Kriti, a psychological-thriller, rather than a slice-of-life.


“I would love to (do short films). Short film is such a difficult and new world for people, who are a part of full length feature films. I think the genre has to be something exactly like this,” she said.


“It really affected me. It has to be impactful. A love story or a slice-of-life won’t work for me in a short film,” Kangana added.


The 18-minute short film starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma deals with the complexities of a character’s mind.


When asked what phobia she has, Kangana, 29, said she is extremely scared of snakes.


“I have snake phobia. I am very, very scared of snakes. I promise myself not to tell anyone because actors who are friends and co-stars, they love to know about your phobia and love to play stupid pranks,” she quipped.