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Succulent Rasmalai of Comilla

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  • 20th June, 2016 04:56:25 PM
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Succulent Rasmalai of Comilla

It creates a different ambiance if the iftar table has filled up with succulent Rasmalai of Comilla that's why people are trying to keep this item in their menu. So to supply the Rasmalai in this Ramadan month, the Rasmalai producer has to work for 24 hours without any rest. People are seen queuing in the Rasmalai shop of Comilla in the afternoon.


Rasmalai, a toothsome item of sweetmeat is made with milk, sugar and slight flour. To entertain foreign guest, Bangladeshi people are kept Rasmalai as main items in their menu. The history of Rasmalai is amalgamated with sweetmeat. From the beginning of the twenty century, the juice of the Rasmalai has been hanging out people of all walk.


The initial name of the Rasmalai was Khirbogh. After immerging of East Pakistan, the Non-Bengali people started to call Khirbogh as Rasmalai. Now the people of the Comilla could not think any festival without Rasmalai.  


Initially the Rasmalai was delivered in earthen pot then in polythene and now it is supplying with plastic pot.


With the development of communication system, the Rasmalai has now dispersed to remote areas of Bangladesh. Rasmalai is also popular to many other countries especially Bengali majority areas.


Rasmalai producer of Comilla alleged that some people are selling Rasmalai in various parts of the country calling in Comilla’s Rasmalai. The test of those items is not same as they are not capable to make it in same way.


Besides Comilla, there are many Rasmalai shops in various parts of the country. They are using the name of some Rasmalai shops of Comilla including Matri Bhander, Bagoboti Pora Bhander and Sital Bhander. But there has no branch of these shops.


Matri Bhander, Bhagobati Pora Bhander and Sital Bhander of Kalibari are famous for Rasmalai. In addition, Porabarir sweets, Jaljogh, Jenis sweets are also popular throughout the country.


There are many forged shops in Padua Bazaar and cantonment area of Dhaka- Comilla highway. They are using the name of Matri Bhander using tricks. Someone use Adi Matri Bhande while other new Matri Bhander and selling adulterated Rasmalai in chief rate.


The owner of the Bhagaboti Pora Bhander Advocate Kironmoy Datta said, the Rasmalai of Comilla are now exporting to other country. The Rasmalai may remain fresh even after the 36 hours if it has produced with fresh ingredients.


Kironmoy Datta also opined that it is difficult to make Rasmalai without fresh cow milk.


Source: Bangladesh Pratidin