US surgeons perform first uterus transplant | 2016-02-27 |

US surgeons perform first uterus transplant

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27th February, 2016 01:58:00 printer

US surgeons perform first uterus transplant

Cleveland Clinic surgeons this week performed the nation's first uterus transplant, an experimental procedure offering women without a womb the possibility of pregnancy.


The transplanted uterus came from a deceased donor, and the 26-year-old recipient was in stable condition following the nine-hour procedure, her doctors said Thursday, reports WebMd.


"Cleveland Clinic began screening candidates for uterus transplants late last year," according to a hospital news release.


Women who might be candidates for such a transplant have ovaries but were either born without a uterus, have lost it or have suffered irreversible uterine damage, the hospital explained. The condition, called uterine factor infertility, affects 3 percent to 5 percent of women worldwide.


One expert not involved in the procedure said it was a real advance for these patients.