EC working for govt, alleges BNP | 2015-12-20 |

EC working for govt, alleges BNP

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20th December, 2015 08:14:54 printer

EC working for govt, alleges BNP

Hitting out at the Election Commission for its inaction against ruling party men for various election irregularities, BNP on Sunday alleged that the Commission is working as per the government’s desire and will.


“The Election Commission can’t take any action against ruling party men except warning a few of them for continuously violating the election code of conduct. They’re carrying out their all activities as per the government’s hope and aspirations,” said BNP joint

secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.


Speaking at a press briefing, he also alleged that the EC is trying to avoid its responsibility by keeping silence regarding the ruling party men and rejecting the allegations of the BNP candidates, UNB reports.


The BNP leader said the ruling party men attacked the BNP men, vandalised the party candidates’ election offices and damaged their posters in different areas, including Kaliganj of Jhenidah, Bakerganj of Barisal, Taherpur of Rajshahi, Morelganj of Bagerhat, Kushtia, Mirersari and Baroiarhat of Chittagong, Feni, Bhola, Laksam of Comilla and Bajitpur of Kishoreganj, in the last 24 hours until 3pm on Sunday.


He also alleged that the government has continued arresting BNP leaders and activists to refrain them from taking part in the electioneering.


“The ruling party men in a planned way is deteriorating the law and order in the municipal election areas and thus creating a terrible situation with an aim to intimidate voters so that they don’t go to polling stations,” the BNP leader observed.


Rizvi alleged that the ruling party men are trying to demoralise the BNP candidates saying there will be no use of carrying of election campaign as they will stuff the ballot boxes before the voting day to ensure the victory of their candidates.


He called upon the voters to put up a strong resistance if the ruling party men try to manipulate and polls and snatch ballots.