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Independence In The Air

Independence In The Air

March 26 is unlike every other day of the calendar for Bangladeshis. It is the day when the Father of the Nation declared independence back in 1971. 2020 is also the year that marks his birth centenary. Therefore, March 26 of 2020 calls for a gorgeous celebration in red and green. Instead of wearing the colors of the national flag for just a day, why don’t you do it this time for a week? Wear them to your work, your lunch invitations, parties, presentations or simply wear them at home. If you are afraid that you will run out of ideas, fear no more. Groove is here like always to present you the most mesmerizing makeovers in red and green. Read along and perhaps you will find your perfect Independence Day style or styles.


Green glory

Green is a superb color that is both serene and scintillating. I think every man and woman should own a dozen of green dresses. It’s not only suitable for national occasions, but it also surely stirs up any celebration. Men could opt for green punjabis with white payjama. Those who want to showcase their patriotic side can opt for a green punjabi with red designs. Most of such punjabis have their design on the bodice or the sleeves. Do something innovative and choose a green punjabi that has red design over the shoulders. Women could opt for an ethereal printed sari with two shades of green playing on it artistically. Make sure the sari has a red piping to make it truly patriotic!


Refuge in red

Red is the color of courage, honor and blood. It is one of the most popular colors in Bengali celebrations. We see red on Pahela Baishakh, sometimes on Ekushey and, of course, on Independence Day and Victory Day. Your partner and you could opt for similar prints to make a compatible statement. However, go minimal on the design to make yourselves stand out!


Contemporary look

Look for exotic design on the neckline in kurtis for a more contemporary look. You are good to go as long as it is green, has some vibrant patterns, a pair of slit cut sleeves and a neck design that does not need any further necklace.


Simple pleasures

Simple statements are often the most profound ones. Men could opt for a dapper green punjabi along with white payjama to make eloquent, powerful and patriotic statements.


Young and free

Look for innovative shades, prints and clever cuttings for styles that are visually more modern. Men could opt for a red t-shirt with a green map of Bangladesh along with jeans while women could wear a stylish white and green kurti with mirror designs along with a pair of leggings.

Model: Koko & Rabu

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Wardrobe: Anjans & Margin

Makeover: Shovan Makeover