Two Transformative Looks You Can Try

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

4 November, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Two Transformative Looks You Can Try

Looking fashionable everyday requires skill! It is 40% instinct, 30% inspiration and 30% effort. What I meant to say is that trying out a new look does require effort but having the correct inspiration as well as an understanding of how good or bad something would look on you is just as important. It is both an innate skill as well as an acquired talent. That is why trying to look chic on a daily basis can become quite an arduous task. You may run out of inspiration or you may not be able to give in enough effort or time. The conundrum becomes even more puzzling on important days such as birthdays, anniversaries, semi-formal parties and so on. You do not always need exquisite jewelry, luxurious designer clothes and heavy makeup to create a good impression. In fact, elegance is better defined on softer touches of the brush, on lighter hues and minimalistic jewelry. Here are two different and transformative looks you could try out. One is based on a traditionalistic approach and perfect for daytime while the other dwells in European sartorial elegance.


Daytime look --- harmony of traditions

What you need: A sari of your choice with matching or contrasting blouse. An example can be a red sari with golden piping worn with red, golden or even black blouse. Plenty of hairclips for the hairstyle as well as a donut bun maker is also necessary.

Powder, concealer, eyeliner, red lipstick and peach blush would do for the makeup. Jewelry of your choice as well as red heels or sandals are also necessary.

How to achieve the look: The focus in this look is the hairstyle and makeup. Of course, we always wear saris at home and in parties. However, the game changer here is the 80’s inspired makeover. First use a concealer to hide all blemishes. Apply powder and blend it well. Accentuate eyes neatly with an eyeliner. Extend it a bit. Wear blush and put on lipstick. For hair, do a back brush and add volume to the crown of your head. Then use the donut bun maker to create bun. Add fringes. And you are all set and done!

With this look, don’t overdo the embellishments. The softer you keep this look, the better it will be. Bangles and anklets are great. So are medium-sized jhumkas. But try not to go beyond that.


Evening look --- sassy and sensuous

What you need: A velvet dress, leggings with lace works on the edge and ballerina shoes are the essential things. Hairclips are not necessary but you can keep one or two to clip your hair sideways if you want. Foundation, concealer, eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, peach hued lipstick, light pink blush and mascara should also be in your list. Jewelry should be kept minimum --- you can opt for only a simple yet elegant bracelet as well as a pair of small studded earrings.

How to achieve the look: For this look, opt for either a dark hued velvet dress or a light one. Both are great. With a dark colored dress and dark lip color, you can create a pretty bold and dazzling look while with softer colours you can create a light and graceful look. Don’t worry about hairstyle here. In fact, a messy bun, side braid or even hair left open are great options. Just make sure your makeup is on point. You could opt for dramatic or smokey eyes. However, if you really want to ace the elegant style, opt for neutral eyeshadow, bit of silver or white in the inner corner of eyes along with eyeliner and mascara. For lips, opt for peach lipstick (if you are donning the softer look) or any lip colour of your choice.