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Meet The Youths Making It Big

  • Nusrat Jahan Pritom
  • 10 October, 2019 12:00 AM
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It is not just our technologies getting smarter day by day. We too are becoming more and more intelligent as a species. From the emergence of new programming languages to finding the cure of epidemics, from creating more ‘human like’ robots to using Artificial Intelligence Marketing- all these prove that today’s people are better at inventing, innovating, creating, calculating and decision-making. But what about the future? Will the pursuit of knowledge be as pervasive as it is today? Will tomorrow’s generation be as altruistic in nature as those we witness today (though rare in number)? Well, we can only surmise but we can never really be certain. However, we can still be hopeful seeing the bright and dynamic youths of today in action. Many of them are engaged in all kinds of works that contribute to the development of the nation, that serve humanity and also those that push the parameters of science. Let’s take a closer look at three such groups who are making the nation proud.


Start up champs putting machine learning into action

Earlier this year, the National Finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup Bangladesh was held at Daffodil International University. Tanvir Tabassum, co-founder of Sigmind, received the first prize of the national finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup competition. Sigmind team comprises of Abu Anas Shuvom from BUET, Tanvir Tabassum from Ravensburg University, Germany, Arif Hossain from North South University and Kazi Shamun Hassan from Minnesota State University, USA. 

“The startup is devoted to establishing integrated state-of-the-art machine learning based technologies to detect persons, objects and faces. The system has some innovative technologies like real-time search on video space for specific incident detection and post analysis. Moreover Sigmind made this technology available to diversified clients such as government, corporate clients and even a simple house owner. Sigmind reduces the workforce to operate the cameras by 80%,” said Arif Hossain on behalf of the team.

The winner will represent Bangladesh at the Entrepreneurship World Cup International final in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia next month, in November 2019. In addition, the team will be awarded with an in-kind prize package valued at US$500,000 that includes essential business advice, guidance and services from corporate leaders such as Oracle, Google Cloud, Shopify, Slack and Stripe, thanks to Misk Foundation and GSVLabs. This is such a big moment for us all as the Entrepreneurship World Cup invites only 100 startups from 100 countries to pitch in the final round. Moreover, only a handful of them get full free scholarship offering free travel, visa support and accommodations. The Entrepreneurship World Cup is more than just a global pitch competition with a shot at life-changing prizes. Around 100,000 participants competed from around the world from which 100 were selected and Sigmind from Bangladesh is one of them!


‘Positive Bangladesh’ inspiring youths to create a better world

‘Positive Bangladesh’ is a social start-up, by the youth and for the youth. It offers young people a platform to engage in creative activities and nurture positive thinking. Psychology says that everyone in life has some sort of potential and the stage of youth is a prime time to explore these potentials. However, we find many young men and women uncertain about their lives. Some of them struggle with hopelessness and depression, while others opt for more reckless forms of entertainment and substance abuse because of the lack of a purpose in life. What the members of Positive Bangladesh is doing is truly amazing, and when such a constructive thinking structure is applied in the society, we can surely see moral, psychological, academic and professional development in young people. “We engage the youth positively with their communities, setting the grounds for tolerance and coexistence, and provide them a sense of purpose and belonging, while transforming them into passionate individuals and agents for countering religious extremism and social stereotypes in the long run,” said Tousif Tanzim Ahmed, co-founder of Positive Bangladesh. The other members are Sousan Suha, Samin Yasar, Mohammad Sifat, Zulkernain Tasin, Saif Mostafiz, Mahdi Hasan Sarkar and Adib Reza Rongon.

They won the ‘Peer to Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge Spring 2019’, beating 500 university campaigns all around the world. The event was held in Brussels.

Recently, on the occasion of EMK centre celebrating its 7th anniversary, Positive Bangladesh along with EMK organized an interactive event ‘Connect To Inspire’ that was open for all. There were discussions on different subject matters such as ‘STEM Education in Bangladesh’, ‘Youth Employability & Job Market’, and ‘Stories of Arts & Culture and Tales’, all of which were somehow related to the youths. The event was held on 28 September at EMK Centre.

Trying to create a better world relies on having the correct mindset for it. These dynamic people of Team Positive Bangladesh are surely spearheading that movement in the present generation.


‘Team Atlas’ stands 13 in World Robotics Championship 2019

Team Atlas was selected as a finalist team at World Robotics Championship 2019. Out of 250 teams from 40 countries, they made their way into the competition held last month in New Delhi, India and bagged in the 13th position. Out of 250 competitors, this surely is a great success. The team consisted of Sifat Tonmoy, Mir Sazid, Maruf Bin Islam, Sunny Jubayer and Mir Tanzid Ahmed. Mir Sazid said, “Since the segment was about robo-race, so our robot was a racing one as well. It was wired, wireless and autonomous- in other words, it could be controlled in all three ways.” Team Atlas members said they were very happy. It was a tough competition with contestants from all around the world.