Keep Your Beauty Blender Clean | 2018-11-05

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Keep Your Beauty Blender Clean

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5 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Keep Your Beauty Blender Clean

We all love our makeup. We buy the best brands from the best shops. However, do we actually clean the tools with which we apply our makeup? Most people usually forget to clean blenders and the results are acnes and other skin problems. Makeup tools can be the perfect grounds for breeding bacteria and filth. It is fun to apply your makeup with that egg-shaped beauty blender, and cleaning it may seem like a tedious chore. But please, do yourself a favour and keep it squeaky clean. We have for you the most efficient techniques to clean your beauty blender:


Deep Cleaning

Your sponge needs deep cleaning if it still feels or appears dirty after basic cleaning (warm water and soap). This is when you need to deep clean it. All you need is a sink, warm running water, a mild cleanser and paper towels. Hold your makeup sponge under warm running water for about a minute, or until it absorbs enough water to expand to its full size. Dab some gentle liquid cleanser (like a baby shampoo or an organic shampoo) directly onto the sponge. Rub the sponge against your palm for about 45 seconds. This will help draw out the product and gunk lying deep inside the sponge. Rinse the sponge under warm water while you continue to rub until it looks clean. Make sure you rinse out all of the soap. Squeeze out the water from the sponge. If you see clear water, it means your sponge is now clean. To dry the sponge, roll it on clean paper towels. Finally, set it aside on a paper towel to completely air dry.


Sterilize It

If you want to clean your beauty blender thoroughly, you need to sterilize it. You should deep clean your sponge weekly and sterilize it using heat at least once a month. This helps kill any bacteria living deeper inside your sponge. All you need is water, a bowl, liquid dish soap, paper towels and of course a microwave. Place your sponge in a microwave-friendly bowl filled with water. Add some liquid dish soap to the water to make a soapy solution. Allow the sponge to sit in water until it is soaking wet. Place the bowl in a microwave for 30 seconds. Once you remove the bowl, let the sponge rest in the water for 2 minutes. After the sponge cools down, gently squeeze out the water and roll it on dry paper towels. Allow the sponge to dry completely before using it again.


Give Your Beauty Blender An Olive/Coconut Oil Bath

You can clean your makeup sponge using coconut oil or olive oil. Oil helps loosen built-up product and pigment with ease. Simply combine coconut oil with some liquid dish soap and squish all the gunk out. However, rinsing the sponge until it’s free of any traces of oil takes some time and patience.

The way you store your sponge is an incredibly important factor in the health of your skin and the lifespan of the sponge. After washing it, always allow it to dry completely in a clean and open space before using it again.