Thursday, 28 September, 2023

No thaw in sight

The country is apparently heading towards political conflict as both ruling Awami League and opposition BNP are hell-bent on their stance on the mode of holding the next general election due by January next.

Awami League wants the election to be held in line with the constitution while BNP wants that it should be held under a neutral administration.

BNP has also made it clear that they will not sit in any dialogue with the government until their demand for the caretaker government is met.

With the election barely three months away, anarchy and violence are feared as BNP has threatened to go for tougher programmes to force the government to concede to their demand for its resignation while Awami League vowed to resist any anarchic bid.

The opposition camp has devised plans to put the government in an awkward situation during the three-month period from October to December in the run-up to the parliamentary elections.

Violence may flare up in the coming days due to the rigid stance of the two arch-rival political parties.

Under such circumstances, law enforcement agencies have been asked to remain prepared to thwart any kind of violence and anarchy to protect people’s lives and keep the wheel of economy moving.