Monday, 2 October, 2023

Bubble of Agony

Why Mass Awareness Essential for Attaining Sustainable Development

Babor Ali Mir

It’s an undeniable fact that during the last couple of decades, tremendous infrastructural development has happened in almost all sectors of the country, the indelible impression of which has become ostensible through concrete roads in every nook and cranny of Bangladesh. But the fruition of those developments can gradually vanish in the air unless and until users of those physical structures don’t be sufficiently disciplined and conscious. In this context I will shed light on some sectors in the following paragraphs.

First, transport sector can be said to be mired by indiscipline and chaotic activities of the personnel involved in it. Deliberate carelessness on part of the drivers as well as the passengers often causes dangerous road accidents. Therefore, drivers, conductors, helpers, owners and passengers need to be made adequately aware of their respective roles in reducing accidents and making our roads safe.

Second, our health sector might be made more improved by creating mass awareness on health rules. People can prevent any kind of pandemic or outbreak of any disease just by abiding health guidelines. Despite being a densely populated country Bangladesh has not been so badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic only as short-lived mass awareness was created against it. At that time people fully followed health safety rules. The onslaught of dengue could be prevented altogether had people been made properly aware earlier and had the city corporation mosquito workers performed their duties punctually and sincerely.

Third, disaster management sector deserves kudos for making a paradigm shift by generating early warning system in reducing casualty during disaster. Bangladesh has really made a significant stride in disaster management and established it as a role model in the international forum. People in the coastal belt and shore areas have to continuously survive by fighting with tidal surges. On the other hand people of the plain land should always be prepared to wither the shock of disasters like earthquakes, cyclones and floods.

Managing street vendors still remains as a big challenge towards smooth disposal of wastes in Dhaka.


Fourth, waste management sector always seems to be at sixes and sevens in our country. Though city Corporation shoulders the main duty of making proper management of wastes in Dhaka citizens’ responsibility in this regard cannot be ruled out altogether. In recent years in spite of adopting all out measures by the DSCC all time neatness and cleanness of the roads and streets under its control cannot be maintained only for people’s indiscriminate dumping nature of wastes. Needless to say that everyday waste management officials and cleaners of the DSCC and DNCC remove thousands of tons of wastes from the streets of Dhaka at dead of night and bring back the roads in a neat and clean position at late night by carrying untiring efforts through scouring dirt and filths after waking up till long hours sometimes even passing the whole night without sleep. But with the passage of time after day breaks whereas roads of the developed countries remain almost clean scenario changes herein Dhaka as Street vendors begin to ruin the clean environment of roads by dumping wastes on it and also as most people don’t strictly follow waste dumping rules enunciated by the DSCC or DNCC.

Fifth, tourism industry in Bangladesh can be flourished a lot by raising awareness among people. Though tourist spots abound in our country the prevailing bizarre environment of those places often disappoints and pours cold water on the foreign as well as the home tourists and travelers to visit them due to lack of cleanness. Unscrupulous activities on part of the tourists and lack of regular care by the municipality authority leave the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata in utter neglected conditions with odds and ends scattered all around failing to attract the foreign tourists depriving the country of earning huge amount of foreign currency every year.

Sixth, the environmental sector demands more attention from all of us.  City dwellers should be made more aware of the noise, air and water pollution. The serenity and aesthetic view of any city easily exposes its beauty to the outsiders. Lately honorable mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation has clearly instructed the DSCC officials to remove all unauthorized banners, graffiti, posters and festoons from different structures and buildings. Such a commendable initiative will surely augment the beauty of the city look. Both the city dwellers and the political leaders and activists have huge responsibility in this regard. Another menacing problem of Dhaka city is its traffic jam. Congestion of vehicles in the busy streets of Dhaka eats away a large portion of working hours of the city dwellers. One reason behind intolerable traffic snarl-up may be due to uncontrolled increase of private cars in Dhaka by nouveau riche. Imposition of surcharge upon private cars moving towards the secretariat and its adjoining areas during the office hours may be strongly mulled over by the government as a primary measure for easing up of traffic jams in Dhaka.

Seventh, our social fabric needs to be made an overhaul revamp by giving a complete shake off.  Social vices like unnecessary show off by kishore gang (juvenile gang), drug peddling, and eave teasing might be eradicated from the society through raising mass awareness among people. Juvenile delinquents in Dhaka have become quite reckless in recent years. However they could be prevented at the earliest stage if their parents could be made adequately aware of taking proper care of their wards. Moreover, conscious society can ostracize juvenile delinquents by giving a wide berth to their family members signaling the air of a silent protest of their sons’ misdeeds and also keeping the offenders at bay at home and abroad. Food adulteration can be checked and market price of goods can also be regulated by developing consciousness among citizens. For example, attitude of buying enormous and unnecessary amount of goods at one go can cause artificial crisis in the market of that specific good. Therefore considerate buyers should always think of the necessity of the other consumers too.

Last but not the least, information sector plays crucial role in disseminating right information to the people. Lack of mass awareness about the actual fact at times may instigate spread of rumor in good faith. Without verifying the veracity of any statement of any wicked person or any false propaganda or any fabricated face book posting by any rumor monger can turn the peaceful situation into a volatile one at any moment in the society. Canards in digital media can break up the social harmony by down sliding the law and order situation further. So the common folk should form the habit of not believing flatly everything stated, published or broadcast in the electric, electronic or mass media without proper verification. People should use their common sense and critically analyze everything before believing any facts obtained from any corner of the digital platform especially when that may be easily distorted, defamed or fabricated by way of cutting, copying, editing and pasting any bad picture against anybody’s reputation at one’s own sweet will.


The writer is Zonal Executive Officer, Dhaka South City Corporation.

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