Monday, 2 October, 2023

Power generation from KHPS rises as Kaptai Lake swells

Karnaphuli Hydroelectric Power Station (KHPS) is generating 203 MW of power per day due to the rise in Kaptai Lake water level.

Heavy rainfall and onrush of water from the upstream has contributed to the rise in the lake's water.

Sources said this is the highest power generation of the power station this year.

Engineer ATM Abduz Zaher, manager of the Karnaphuli Hydroelectric Power Station, said power is being generated from all five units and 203 MW of power was generated till 9:30 am on Monday which is being transmitted to the national grid.

According to the rule curve, Kaptai Lake was initially expected to reach 99.60 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL) but the current the water level has reached 109 feet MSL, indicating the significant impact of the ongoing rains.

If the water level of the Kaptai Lake increases further, then there is a possibility of further rise in  power generation, he added.

A total of 230 MW of power could be generated from Karnaphuli Hydroelectric Power Station if all five units are operative, said Abduz Zaher.