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Banks asked to follow new flag rules

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 30 August, 2023 12:00 AM
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Bangladesh Bank directed the commercial banks to follow the latest rules for hanging the national flag at half mast.

The Banking Regulation and Policy Department (BRPD) of the central bank sent a letter to the chief executives of all banks and financial institutions on Tuesday.

“The banks should follow the amendment of Bangladesh Flag Rules 1972,” read the circular signed by Mohammad Shahriar Siddiqui, director at BRPD.

The previous rules didn’t mention the flag position at the stand on half-mast. The government issued a notification on August 9 amending the flag rules.

From now on, the national flag should be tied below

one-fourth of its length from the top of the flagpole during half-mast position, according to the new rules.

The national flag should now be positioned at a specific point on the flagpole in the half-mast position, precisely one-quarter below the pole's top, read a Cabinet Division notice.

"The flags when flown at half-mast shall first be hoisted to the peak of the flagpole for an instant and then fixed by lowering it down equal to the length of one-fourth of the flagpole," said the notice issued on 9 August.

The new directive was issued as a revision to rule 7 of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Flag Rules, 1972, under the Bangladesh National Anthem, Flag and Emblem Order 1972.

The national flag is kept at half-mast on national days including International Mother Language Day on February 21 and National Mourning Day on August 15.