Monday, 25 September, 2023

Election Bangladesh’s internal matter

Says Chinese envoy

Election Bangladesh’s internal matter

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Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Yao Wen on Wednesday said election is an internal matter of Bangladesh and they never intervene in other countries’ internal issues.

“Our policy always remains the same. China never intervenes in other countries’ internal affairs. I consider the election as a matter of Bangladesh which will be decided by the people of Bangladesh. That is our position,” he told reporters while responding to a question after his meeting with Planning Minister MA Mannan.

The United States, European Union and United Kingdom have already sharedtheir expectation for a free, fair and peaceful election in Bangladesh.

India also did not comment on the Bangladesh election, noting that election and the democratic process in Bangladesh will be determined as per how people of the country choose to do so.

The whole world may comment on it but India is India and we have a very special relationship with Bangladesh, India's Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi told reporters while responding to a question at a weekly briefing in New Delhi recently.

India is closely monitoring the situation, and mentioned that they have a high commission in Dhaka. We hope that there is peace and no violence, and the elections are held as per plans, said the spokesperson.

Chinese Ambassador Yao said they also discussed long term cooperation between Bangladesh and China.

Noting the development over the last five to ten years, he said they believe in long term cooperation with Bangladesh for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh.

Mannan said Bangladesh can take lessons from China's development story considering its vast experience and expertise in infrastructure development.

It has working experience in Bangladesh too, he added.