Thursday, 28 September, 2023

Bashundhara Group materialises our dreams

Bashundhara Group materialises our dreams

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A group of women in Rajshahi has expressed their gratitude to Bashundhara Group for supporting their livelihood through providing sewing trainings and sewing machines free of cost. 

The women -- Parvin, Nurun Nahar, Tania Khatun and Bithi -- never think about the rapid change in their lives as the industrial conglomerate extends support from its social platform of Bashundhara-Shuvosangho.

Parvin Begum is an underprivileged woman living in Pirijpur village under Godagari upazila of Rajshahi. She was married off in 2007 amid financial hardship of the family. Now, she belongs to a family of a son and husband. Her husband is a day labour who hardly manages work in a week.

Parvin could not manage money for education of her son. Her son is now 17 years old. To support family, Parven enrolled her son in mason work. Parvin always thinks of supporting her son in earnings as her husband is so idle.

With a dream of changing the fate, Parvin enrolled with sewing training centre of Bashundhara Shuvosangho. She got a sewing machine as gift from Bashundhara Group.

“It’s a great moment for me. I have been waiting for a sewing machine for long time. May Allah bless Bashundhara Group with more prosperity,” Parvin Begum said sharing emotions getting new sewing machine.

Some 20 women, including Parvin Begum, received sewing training as gift from Bashundhara Group.  All of the women have been trained as skilled tailor under supervision of mentor at Shuvosangho training centre. The women are now dreaming big for their family members.

Nurun Nahar is another beneficiary of sewing training programme from Harisankarpur. She couldnot continue education after passing SSC examination in 2018. She has no children in the last six years of marriage. To become a self-reliant woman, Nahargot admission to the sewing training centre of Bashundhara Shuvosangho. She becomes a skilled tailor getting training from the centre.

Getting a sewing machine, Nurun Nahar said she can now contribute to the family and support the medical expenses.“I always pray for Bashundhara Group so that they can continue their philanthropic works for the distressed community,” she said.

All beneficiaries of the sewing training programme expressed their gratitude to Bashundhara Group for bringing change in their lives and fulfilling dream of bringing solvency in their respective families.