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Guava gardens, floating market attract nature lovers

  • M Jahirul Islam Jewel
  • 2 August, 2023 12:00 AM
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Guava gardens, floating market attract nature lovers
Guava traders are passing buy time at the largest floating market at Bhimruliin in Jhalakathi on Tuesday. Daily sun Photo

Barishal: Hundreds of tourists are coming to visit the largest floating guava market at Bhimruliin Jhalakathi for enjoying the natural beauty of the market and the guava gardens adjacent to the market.   

The scenic beauty of the market and the gardens are fascinating the tourists during the rainy season.

The narrow zigzag canals through the guava gardens, hundreds of small boats loaded with guava or tourists moving on the canals in the early morning, the sun rising from the east behind the gardens and the reflection of rays of the sunshine on water have made the area ‘a picturesque place’.

The market has brought different working opportunities for the people of the areas.

Mainly during the guava season, the market is flooded with the tourists. The season starts in June and ends in September. During the period, the guava garden is full of the fruits.

The floating market is surrounded by hundreds of canals, which are full of water during the rainy season.

All the guava gardens are connected to the floating market through the canals. And some canals have flowed through the garden so that small boat can easily move through it. The boat is used for plucking guava from the garden.

The market regularly starts in the early morning and continues till the noon.

The guava famers bring their guavas from the garden to the market after collecting it from the tress.

The boat starts to come at the market in the morning and its number increasesgradually on the day.

A number of small and medium boats are available in the market for the tourists. A tourist can easily board a boat tovisit the areas. The areas are very calm and quiet, and tourists spend a stress-free time there.

“I am very much hypnotised by the magical natural beauty of the areas. Every season I come to visit the area for enjoying its beauty,” said Arifur Rahman, a tourist from Barguna.

“We enjoyed the area and discovered the beauty of the natural sight. We get more pleasures when we touch the guavas sitting on a boat while passing through a garden.” said Shanjida a private job holder, who visited the place from Dhaka with a group of friends.

The wholesale buyers come to the market in every morning with trawlers and pickup vans for buying the guava. The guava is transported to different parts of the country, including the capital city, said Suvrojit Halder, a wholesale buyer of the area.

The guava has a good demand among the buyers for its taste and flavour, he added.

A tourist can also easily buy the sweet guava from the market. The guava market is situated eight kilometres away from the Jhalakathi district headquarters.

The number of tourists has increased further after the inauguration of Padma Bridge, according to the local people.