Monday, 2 October, 2023

Bashundhara Group, a charioteer of my dream

Sadia Afrin Harisa, MBBS student at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, Barishal

I am currently studying at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, Barishal, Alhamdulillah. Initially, I got admission to Rajshahi Medical College. Later I came to Barishal through migration as it was close to my home.

My father is a rickshaw puller. He managed my study expense by pulling a rickshaw. My uncles were also very supportive, but when I got a chance in medical college, darkness fell in the eyes of my family. About Tk 60,000 were required for college admission and to buy books and accessories. My family could not collect such a big amount. In other words, my dream of becoming a doctor was shattered.

Daily Kaler Kantho published a report on my plight. The published report came to the attention of the Honourable Chairman of Bashundhara Group. On that day, Shuvosangho members came to our house with one month’s worth of food. They inquired about my family and told my father not to worry about my studies.

Just a few days later, I and my parents were called by Shuvosangho. Under the initiative of Shuvosangho, Bashundhara Group took responsibility for my medical education along with ten other students from all over the country in the presence of many dignitaries, including Imdadul Haq Milan Sir.

I received a one-time cash payment of Tk 60,000. Now Shuvosangho is providing me with a scholarship of Tk 10,000 per month. They regularly inquire about my academic progress.

Bashundhara Group has been the charioteer of my dreams. May the Honourable Chairman Sir of Bashundhara Group live for a thousand years! Long live humanitarian organisations like Shuvosangho so that girls like me can study and fulfil their dreams.

Kudos to Bashundhara Group and Shuvosangho for calming my parents’ worries. ♦