Monday, 25 September, 2023

Singapore to hang woman on drugs charge for first time in 19 yrs

Singapore to hang woman on drugs charge for first time in 19 yrs

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Singapore is scheduled to execute a woman this week for the first time in almost two decades, prompting renewed calls for a halt to capital punishment in the Asian country, reports USA Today.

Saridewi Djamani, 45, a country national, was found guilty of trafficking 30g of heroin in 2018 and will be hanged today (Friday), human rights said. Trafficking more than 15 grams (less than 1 ounce) of heroin or more than 544 grams (1.2 pounds) of marijuana is grounds for the death penalty, under Singaporean law.  Kirsten Han, with Transformative Justice Collective, a non-profit which advocates for abolishing the death penalty in Singapore, said the last known woman hanged in Singapore was hairdresser Yen May Woen in 2004.

Djamani's pending execution will come less than 48 hours after the country executed another person 56-year-old Mohammed Aziz Hussain was hanged at Singapore's Changi Prison, Han told the Associated Press this week.

Hussain was sentenced to death in 2018 for trafficking around 50 grams of heroin, Han said.

In April, the country also executed a 46-year-old man after he was accused of coordinating a roughly two-pound marijuana delivery, despite pleas for clemency and protests that he was convicted on weak evidence.

Tangaraju Suppiah was hanged during the early morning hours of April 26 in Changi Prison, Singapore Prison Service said.

At the time, Suppiah's death marked Singapore’s first execution in six months.

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