Monday, 2 October, 2023

Cattle farmers worried as lumpy skin disease breaks out in Ghoraghat

GHORAGHAT: Hundreds of cattle in Ghoraghat upazila of Dinajpur district have contracted lumpy skin disease.

Some 300 cows, infected with lumpy skin disease, have died in the upazila causing huge loss to cattle farmers and those who rear cows at home.

More than 50 cows have already been died due to this disease. Most of the dead cows are calves. Farmers are worried because there is no proper treatment for this disease.

Sources said that the viral disease had been noticed in most cattle farms in the upazila.

Upazila animal resources office has informed that the total number of cows in this upazila is 64 thousand 230. The number of farms is 621. At present, this disease has spread in the villages of 4 unions and 1 municipality of the upazila. More than 50 cows from different villages including Haripara, Bolgari and Bishainathpur of the upazila have died due to this disease. More than 2,000 cows have been affected at the farm and farmer level.

Arefa Begum of Haripara Adarsh village of Bulakipur union of the upazila said that one of our 3 cows died after being sick for 15 days. Also 3 more cows died in this village. Treating the cattle with the veterinary surgeon advice did not work. Abdul Waheed of Bolgari Bazar said, we have no idea about the treatment for this disease. Upazila veterinary hospital also told the same.

Upazila Animal Resources Officer Dr Abdullah Al Mamun said, it is advised to give vitamins to cows affected by LSD instead of antibiotics. He also said that we have no idea a cure for this disease.

Upazila Animal Resources Officer Dr Biplab Kumar Dey said that LSD is a viral disease. Mosquitoes and damp environment in the house can cause its infection. In order to prevent this disease, it is necessary to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment.

The veterinarians in the Upazila Livestock Hospital are struggling to provide medical treatment to the cattle.

Talking to owners and farmers of different cattle farms, the correspondent learnt that lumpy skin disease had spread in the area two and a half months ago.

At first, small lumps were seen on the cows and later the lumps were swollen. At one stage, reddish holes appeared on the cows’ skin, the farmers described.

The infected cows cannot be fed properly as their throats also swell up, they added.

Most of the infected cows die due to gradual weakening.

It is a highly contagious virus, but the affected cattle can be cured after a few months of proper treatment.

The authorities concerned of the hospital have already circulated leaflets and made announcements about the outbreak of lumpy skin disease. A meeting has also been arranged in each union with farmers and farm owners over the issue, the upazila livestock informed.

‘Despite manpower shortage, we are providing treatment to the infected cattle. It takes 3-4 months for the cows to be fully cured and the farmers have been asked to have patience,’ they added.