Tuesday, 26 September, 2023

BTS’ Jungkook releases ‘Seven’ with So Hee

BTS’ Jungkook released his latest single ‘Seven (feat Latto)’ on Friday. The music video, also featuring Han So Hee, has the two of them playing a couple who is in the middle of a fight where she is clearly mad at him, but he is trying every trick in the book to make her happy, report agencies.

‘Seven’ is Jungkook’s second solo release since BTS went on hiatus last year. The singer previously released ‘Dreamers’, which was a part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup official soundtrack.

Fans of the singer immediately fell in love with the song with one person on Twitter describing it as a “passionate serenade that sends the desire of staying with the one you love.” A lot of fans mentioned that the moment when Jungkook opens the coffin and surprises Han So Hee that he is still alive was their most favourite moment of the music video. Another fan appreciated Jungkook’s “vocal versatility” in the song.

‘Seven’ is completely in English unlike many of Jungkook’s older songs which were made with the band. The singer has previously opened up about not being very well-versed in English. In fact, in BTS’ first official book, Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS, Jungkook spoke about the many US tours that the band did in the last few years where they had to appear on talk shows and interviews which were largely done in English. He said, “Interviews were hard. My English isn’t good and so it was difficult to understand the conversations. RM had to do the lion’s share of the talking, and I felt bad, I wanted to help out in some way, but I couldn’t.”

Recently, during a Weverse live stream, Jungkook spoke about taking some English lessons before the session. When taking questions during the chat, one of his Indian fans asked him to say ‘namaste’ and Jungkook delighted them. One of his fans wrote in the comments section, “It’s the first Namaste I have found most adorable with perfect accent and it’s come from my beloved Jungkook.”