Monday, 2 October, 2023

Woman gang-raped with the help of her husband

RAJSHAHI: Five friends including husband together raped a housewife to make a porno film in Rajshahi.

The incident happened at Chandrima Police Station area in Rajshahi city on July 7 last.

Bringing allegations of gang-rape and filming it, the housewife filed a case with the police station concerned on Thursday.

Police arrested an accused following the registering of the case.

Confirming about the case and authenticity of the incident, Chandrima Police Station officer-in-charge (OC) Mahbub Alam said the woman lives with her husband at a rented house at Shiroil Colony area. Early afternoon on July 7 last, her husband forced her to swallow sleeping pills. At night, she was given sleeping pills again mixing with coffee which made unconscious subsequently. Then at the dead of night, five people including her husband together raped the housewife at their rented house. The entire incident of rape was filmed on mobile phones.

The police official said the housewife got her conscious back at one stage. Then she started sensing what was done to her. At that time, she was threatened that her rape video would be made viral online if she tried to tell anyone about the incident. Being scared, the housewife remained silent. But, a porno film was made with the video later on. Showing the film, the housewife was again asked to take part in the same task. Then the housewife went straight to the police station and filed a case against five people including her husband.

OC Mahbub Alam said the case was recorded. Besides, the housewife was sent to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital for medical test.

He also said that police were trying to arrest the five accused including her husband.