Saturday, 23 September, 2023

Zulfiqer, Tunai, Iman collaborate in a song

National Film Award-winning lyricist Zulfiqer Russell has collaborated with Kolkata’s music director Tunai Debasish Ganguly in many musical projects for the last few years. Their latest work is the song ‘Shey Ekta Gach’.  
The song, which was released in the first week of this month, is still receiving a lot of praise from the audience. The duo’s new track ‘Sudhu Bhalobashay Shob Noy’ was released on Monday ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. Kolkata’s popular singer Iman Chakraborty has lent her voice to the song.
About the song, Tunai said from Kolkata, “Iman is like my younger sister. Russell is one of my best friends. I’m very happy to compose the music for the song. Iman has rendered the song with great passion. And there is nothing new to say about Russell’s lyrics. I hope everyone in both Bengals will like the song.”
“My list of works with Tunai cannot be finished. We have composed many songs together. And this is my first work with Iman. She has sung wonderfully. The audience will tell the rest”, said Zulfiqer Russell.   
 “I got a chance to sing a good song. It is written by Zulfiqer Russell and the music is composed by dear Tunai da. I request to all of you to listen the song”, Iman shared her feeling in this way.