Saturday, 30 September, 2023

Jovan, Farin in ‘Switch’

Jovan, Farin in ‘Switch’
A scene from the drama Switch

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Popular small screen actors Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Tasnia Farin will be seen in an Eid special drama titled ‘Switch’. The play has been written and directed by Imraul Rafat.

In the drama, Jovan and Farin will play the roles of Haseeb and Megha, whose childhood, adolescence and youth have been spent together. But both of them are opposite in behaviour.

About the drama, director Imraul Rafat said, “The story is about a simple boy and a girl named Haseeb and Megha. They live in the same neighbourhood. After passing school and college, they are admitted to the same university. There is no similarity between the two. Rather, they are always quarreling. In this way, a miracle happens in their life. I hope the audience will enjoy the drama.”

Producer SK Shahed Ali Pappu said the drama ‘Switch’ will be released on CMV’s YouTube channel during Eid-ul-Azha festival.