Friday, 29 September, 2023

Ensuring Fair Polls

‘Will be more strict if situation demands’

Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana has said that the Election Commission (EC) will be stricter if the situation demands for the sake of fair elections. 

“It will be depending on the situation whether to be stricter. We will be more strict, if the situation demands. Our only wish and desire is to conduct a free, fair and impartial elections. In which election voters can cast their vote,” said the commissioner while talking to reporters at her office at Agargaon EC building in the capital on Monday.

Rasheda Sultana said, “We just want to say that we will want all the elections to be free, fair and impartial manner. Our main objective is that people will come to the polling center and cast their vote. We will stick with the same policy in the national elections as well as all city corporation elections.”

In response to the question, she said it is up to them who will come to the election or not. Who will be a candidate, or not want to be, is entirely a personal matter.

“The Election Commission has no opportunity to bring anyone into the election in that way. We will definitely get a contested election. We will enjoy working. Even if you don’t come, we have to conduct the election. That is why, we can’t stop. Because of this, we have no chance of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. I still call those who are not coming to the election, let them come and vote,” she said.

Asked whether CC cameras will be used in national elections, Rasheda Sultana said, “We have talked about this many times. There is nothing new to say. Let the time come. We did not sit with it. Now we are more focused on other elections.”