Friday, 29 September, 2023

An Open letter to Parents

Role of Parents in Education of Their Children

Sharif Ullah

Dear Parents and guardians, as you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted education at all levels from primary to universities. The dark veil of the deadly virus that had engulfed the whole world is gone, but the fallouts of academic disruption and learning loss during the pandemic continue to linger. As a result, the education sector is going through a difficult time even in the post-pandemic era.

Moreover, an increasing number of students are getting disinterested or are not paying adequate attention to their studies because of the addiction to mobile phones, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok etc. Consequently, many of them are performing very poorly in academic and competitive examinations. Besides, a section of young generation is not giving due importance to healthy recreational activities like sports and cultural activities; rather they are getting themselves engaged in various anti-social activities like gangsterism, eve-teasing, drug addiction and other street crimes. Lack of honesty, morality and other human, family, social and religious values are evident among them, which is severely affecting many families, as well as society and the state.

Certainly, you have big dreams about your children. You dream that they will become a worthy human being, have a good career after successfully accomplishing academic life and dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of family, society and the state. Your child too may have a similar dream. But it is a matter of irony that many guardians don’t make enough effort or are ready to endure hardship to translate their dreams about their children into reality. Many even are not fully aware of their duties as parents. Some may have financial problems or other issues, but most of the guardians forget about their duties after getting their wards enrolled in a school. Thus they leave the future of their children in the hands of teachers and school authorities.

The writer of this article, at the centre, is seen distributing a letter among parents of secondary level students, regarding their roles in shaping children’s future. He distributed the letter to as many as 32,000 guardians at Lohagara Upazila in Chattogram


But in spite of the teachers’ effort, many students cannot achieve their desired goal in life due to lack of proper guidelines and necessary support, while some others don’t have indomitable willpower to pursue their dreams. Besides, many children suffer immensely because of restlessness, anxiety and depression for various reasons. In order to overcome such a situation, parents have to play the most important role.

As a nation we are standing up to the challenge of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. SDG-4 aims at ‘Ensuring quality education’. Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set the vision of transforming our country into a developed, prosperous and smart Bangladesh by 2041. To that end, a comprehensive plan has already been initiated by the government.

The present generation will lead the smart and developed Bangladesh of the future. So, they will have to become skilled and smart citizens to take the country to a unique height on the world stage. They have to lead the country with dedication and vision by upholding the history of Bangladesh’s glorious past – language movement, great liberation war and independence. The nation pins high hope on today’s youth because they will build the ‘Golden Bangladesh’ as envisaged by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Against this backdrop it is hoped that you as a conscious guardian will remain watchful about your child’s academic progress and social engagement. You should encourage them so that they can feel motivated and pay more attention to their studies and co-curricular activities.

You must put in adequate time and effort in preparing your children so that they can thrive in today’s competitive world. Remember, regular communication and proper coordination among teachers, students and guardians is a must for the success of a student. The teachers may show the path of a bright future to the students and support them along the way, but the students themselves will have to walk on that path. As a guardian, you should make your children aware of this basic fact. Besides, you have to inspire them to dream big in life and provide all out support so that they can fulfil their dreams.


The writer is the Upazilla Nirbahi Officer, Lohagara, Chattogram