Saturday, 30 September, 2023

Why negligence to Hatirjheel Lake?

Why negligence to Hatirjheel Lake?

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The lake located at the centre of the capital was supposed to be a prime beauty spot. But it is a matter of great regret that the top hangout destination has lost its beauty and charm to a great extent due to abject negligence of its authority. In absence of proper maintenance, it has now been turned into a pool of stagnant water emitting foul smell. A five-column picture published on the back page of this paper’s yesterday issue testified to its justification. In the picture we find water hyacinth, a destructive weed, which has grown on a vast area of the lake making it a breeding ground of mosquitoes.

The 300-acre lake that was originally designed to retain rainwater flowing down from adjacent areas has ended up being a reservoir of sewage water. Polluted water now drains into the lake making its water dirty. People living around the lake experience an unhealthy environment. In fact, they cannot breathe properly. Foul smell has totally ruined the lake’s atmosphere. Passers-by get nauseated by the bad odour emanating from it. The stench from lake water is ruining visits to it. The air in the area is a palpable sign of the expensive project going wrong. The stinking water has left the purpose of the lavish project largely undone. The lake that was developed at a cost of huge public money is gradually being ruined.

Who is responsible for the sorry state of Dhaka’s main hangout spot; why has it been turned into a breeding ground of mosquitoes? Why appropriate measures were not taken to protect its beauty and environment? May we ask why the authorities did not take timely initiative to improve its water quality? And lastly, who will give answers to all the questions? Taxpayers surely deserve an explanation from authorities concerned. People want to know who have been assigned the task of looking after the lake and what they are doing. Time has come to make them accountable for their negligence. It is also time to take appropriate action to revive the charm of the Lake.