Monday, 5 June, 2023

UDDIPAN to promote Bangladeshi products at Tower Hamlets

UDDIPAN, a Bangladeshi non-government organisation (NGO)  to provide one-stop services for promoting Bangladeshi products and it’s access at Tower Hamlets in London.

Small to large business communities from UK Tower Hamlets will collaborate closely with UDDIPAN, said a press release.

Representatives from both countries will form business partnerships in the IT and ready-made garments (RMG) industries.

During a recent bilateral meeting, local government officials and business leaders from Tower Hamlets designated UDDIPAN /UREL as the authorised manufacturer and producer for their existing importers and traders in Bangladesh.

These meetings were attended by Sam Tarry MP, House of Commons in London, Councillor Abdul Mannan, Chairman of Housing and Regeneration Scrutiny Sub Committee, Nazir Alam, Chairman of UDDIPAN Renewable Energy Limited and Dr Mihir Kanti Majumder, Chairman of UDDIPAN.

There is significant potential to establish a vast market for Bangladeshi recipes and products in the UK's restaurant and hospitality sector.

The UK delegation has expressed interest in contributing to the growth of Bangladesh’s IT sector, particularly in cyber security, and its RMG sector, with major apparel brands, including boutique labels. Strengthening business ties between the two countries, enhancing technology exchange, and fostering technical support partnerships will consistently increase demand for Bangladeshi products in markets worldwide, similar to those in the UK and Europe.