Saturday, 10 June, 2023

Meta expanding ads on reels

Meta expanding ads on reels

Meta is updating and expanding their Ads on Reels tests so that more creators can earn money for creating and sharing engaging public reels.

The company is inviting thousands more creators on Facebook to join their updated tests, including many of the creators who previously participated in the Reels Play bonus programme on Facebook.

And in the coming weeks, they’ll begin testing a similar programme on Instagram, according to a press release.

The company is also evolving the programme to pay creators based on the performance of their public reels, not the earnings of ads on their reels.

This means creators can focus on creating engaging content while Meta optimises the ad experience for advertisers and people.

Payouts will be determined by the number of plays. The better a creator’s reel performs, the more they can earn. Over time, Meta may begin to incorporate other signals into payouts.

Many variables outside of creators’ control have traditionally influenced their ad earnings, such as how many ads have already been shown to the person viewing their content or whether there’s a relevant ad to deliver to that viewer.

With a performance-based model, creators can focus on the content that’s resonating with their audiences and helping them grow; advertisers get access to more ad inventory to reach more people; and people get a more consistent viewing experience with more relevant ads.

All creators onboarding for the test will automatically be added to the new payout model, and over the coming weeks creators previously testing Ads on Facebook Reels will be transitioned. In addition, Meta will begin to test Ads on Instagram Reels with a similar performance-based payout model among a small group of creators and advertisers in select markets.

The company also plans to start testing a performance-based payout model for in-stream ads on Facebook with a small group of creators to support creators making all types of content.