Monday, 5 June, 2023

Shuvosangho launches seventh school in Gangachara of Rangpur

Under patronage of Bashundhara Group, volunteer platform Shuvosangho has launched its seventh school in Gangachara upazila of Rangpur district.
"We had to walk five kilometers to go to school. We could not go to school because of water. If there was no water, we needed to walk to school through mud. We were all like this,” said Joynal, a beneficiary of the school.
Joynal was a student of the government primary school of Joyram Ojha village, which is surrounded by Teesta River in Lakkhitari union of the upazila.
Shuvosangho School opened in the area on May 1 under patronage of the Bashundhara Group. Noted litterateur Imdadul Haq Milan recently inaugurated the school as the chief guest.
Gangachara upazila land office’s assistant commissioner Nayan Kumar Saha, model police station’s inspector Mamtazul Islam, Laxmitari Union Parishad chairman Abdullah Al Hadi, among other dignitaries of the area, were present on the occasion.
A total of 50 students are studying in two classes in Shuvosangho School of which 26 students in pre-primary and 24 in class one. Children and parents are very happy to have a new school in the village.
The char started with 40 houses is popularly known as Chalishsala Char. Currently, more than hundred families live in this remote area. The only occupation of the people here is agriculture. During the rainy season, you have to go by boat and during the dry season, you have to walk or ride a horse-drawn carriage across the sand to reach this char.
People here have not got electricity connection yet. In the evening, the lights of kerosene lamp  are lit. This char looks like an island from a distance. Modernity didn’t touch the area.
Bashundhara Group has come forward to bring the light of education, one of the basic needs of people, to this village. The school has started for underprivileged children here under the supervision of Shuvosangho.
After inaugurating the school, Imdadul Haq Milan said Bashundhara Group, the largest industrial conglomerate in the country, has been working for the wellbeing of the country and people.
“The company is conducting different humanitarian activities across the country through Shuvosangho. Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan has directed to build schools for underprivileged children in every corner of Bangladesh. We are working to empower poor women through Shuvosangho. We are establishing Shuvosangho School with the concept that children should not be deprived of the light of education,” he said.
The noted litterateur mentioned that the Shuvosangho School is the seventh institutions from the volunteers’ platform to send lights of education to underprivileged ones.
 “We have planned to set up Shuvosangho School in each upazila of the country gradually. We will distribute educational materials including books free of cost to the students. In this char, the school activities will continue by constructing temporary structures at the initial stage. At some point, permanent infrastructure will be built,” added Milan.
Moyna Begum, a 64 plus villager, has appreciated Shuvosangho for setting up a school in the area where young boys and girls were struggling for education.
"Almighty Allah will bless you. Our children will be able to go to school. They do not want to go to school because the school is far away. I will send them to this school. I have ten boys and girls. None of them are able to go to school,” she said.
Mominul Islam, the father of four children, said, "My children have not been able to learn because of the lack of school. They had to walk a long distance to go to school. Now, the kids won’t suffer anymore,”
Lakshmitari union parishad chairman Abdullah Al Hadi said the distance from this char to the primary school is about five kilometers.
“It is difficult for children to go to school from here. During the rainy season you have to go by boat and during the dry season you have to walk on the sand bed. So, at one point, children stopped going to school. Now, everyone will get an opportunity to study,” he said expressing gratitude to Bashundhara Group and Shuvosangho.
Gangachara upazila land office’s assistant commissioner Nayan Kumar Saha said the Shuvosangho School funded by Bashundhara Group is a great initiative.
“We will support this school from the upazila administration,” he said.
Shuvosangho director Zakaria Zaman said  the school now offers education for two classes of children. “Now, a teacher is operating the school. The number of teacher and classes will increase soon,” he said.