Friday, 29 September, 2023

‘552 died in 526 road accidents in April’

At least 552 people were killed and 852 others injured in 526 road accidents across the country in April this year.   
Of them, 231 people died and 171 others received injuries in 215 motorcycle accidents.
Besides, 34 people lost their lives and 67 were injured in 42 railway accidents in April. During the same period, 11 people were killed and 16 people have gone missing in 10 accidents on the waterway.
A total of 597 people were killed and 919 injured in a total of 578 accidents on roads, rail and waterway. These facts have come out in an observational report of the Accident Monitoring Cell of Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association. 

On Thursday, secretary general of the organisation Mozammel Huque disclosed the information in a press release.
This report is prepared by monitoring the news of road, rail and waterway accidents published in national, regional and online newspapers of the country.
Of the deceased, 163 drivers, 90 pedestrians, 37 transport workers, 32 students, four teachers, 25 law enforcement personnel, 73 women, 63 children, one journalist, nine doctors, one freedom fighter, three lawyers, one engineer and eight leaders and workers of different political parties have been identified, according to the report.
Passenger Welfare Association identified the significant causes of road accidents in last April. The reasons include free movement of motorcycles on the highways, massive increase in battery and engine powered three-wheelers, no street lights, risky driving at night by drivers of private vehicles, highway construction defects, vehicle defects, tendency to disobey traffic laws, reversing vehicle driving, unfit vehicles, carrying excess passengers and reckless driving.