Monday, 5 June, 2023

HC prohibits bribery, tipping for its officials, employees

A High Court bench has said that action will be taken according to the rules on corruption charges if any High Court official-employee takes gratuity or tips during or after any stages of a trial, reports BSS.

A High Court Division Bench consisting of Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif and Justice Biswajit Debnath has issued a notification signed by the bench officer Md Sefat Ullah in this regard.

The notifications states that, before or after a case is listed or the judgment or order of a case has been passed, officers and employees including- Court Bench officer, Assistant Bench Officer, Personal Officer of the Judge, Jamadar of the Court, MLSS of the Court or Chamber, driver, gunman or any other person related to the Judges and working in the court will be considered to be corrupted,       if they take or accept any kind of money, gifts, service or other benefit in the name of taking gratuity or tips.

Any officer-employee of this court, if found involved in such corruption, action will be taken according to law and rules against them, the notice states.

Lawyers, their assistants and all associated with the court have been instructed to refrain from such activities.