Tuesday, 6 June, 2023

High accolade showered upon PM

That UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak lauded Sheikh Hasina for everything she has done for the country including leading it to prosperity is a matter of pride for the people of Bangladesh. Our prime minister earned the praise by dint of her courage, determination, prudence and perseverance in bringing Bangladesh out of century-old poor economic condition and raising it to the level of a middle income country just within a span of three consecutive terms as the head of the government.

As is already known to the world, Sunak on Friday praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as a successful economic leader and said that she was a source of inspiration for him, his two daughters and wife. At the same time Sunak mentioned that he has been following our Prime Minister for many years. The reason behind the regard for Hasina from a developed country leader is surely not that, economically speaking, Bangladesh is already at par with the UK or others like that but because the country under her prudent leadership is marching ahead in big strides displaying potentials for achieving a similar status within foreseeable future. The UK PM was in full praises for Hasina for Bangladesh’s remarkable economic progress with reference to maintaining over six per cent GDP growth rate during the post-corona pandemic period. He termed Bangladesh as a role model for development.

Rishi Sunak also did not forget to take note of Hasina’s humanitarian gesture as she gave shelter to a large number of Myanmar nationals and provided landless and homeless countrymen with sheds over their heads at government expenses. The British premiers also remembered Hasina’s glorious role in various international forums.

This is not for the first time that a foreign leader showered praise upon Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. On a number of occasions in the past, world leaders praised her for her wise leadership in raising the country to an unprecedented socio-economic level within such a short period and at such a faster pace. Hasina also gained global recognition to her bold leadership role at different international forums. What she earned for herself, earned for the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina led Bangladesh to a prestigious position in the comity of nations.