Monday, 5 June, 2023

Dutch suspects arrested over German ATM robbery

FRANKFURT: Two Dutch nationals have been arrested on suspicion of blowing up a cash machine in Germany and stealing a large sum after a car chase, reports AFP.

Using explosives to carry out bank machine robberies has become increasingly common in Germany.

The latest incident took place on Saturday in the centre of Bad Homburg, outside Frankfurt, according to a joint statement from German police and prosecutors.

Explosives were used to break open the cash machine, with the bank housing it badly damaged due to the force of the explosion, they said.

More than 150,000 euros ($168,000) was stolen before the men made off in a car, with police in pursuit in cars and a helicopter.

The suspects' vehicle broke through a police barrier on the access road to a motorway but was then brought to a halt by spikes laid across the road.

A first suspect, aged 25, was caught in the area after a short pursuit on foot and the stolen money was recovered from the car.

The second, aged 27, was also picked up in the manhunt, authorities said.

The pair were arrested on suspicion of causing an explosion and theft. They are also suspected of attempted murder due to the force of the explosion in the centre of Bad Homburg.

The hunt for a third suspect is ongoing.

Searches related to the robbery also took place in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht on Saturday, German authorities said.

In February, Dutch police arrested nine suspected members of a gang that stole millions of euros by blowing up cash machines in Germany.

The suspects were believed to be part of an organised crime gang behind 50 cross-border attacks that netted more than five million euros.