Tuesday, 6 June, 2023

Their dreams come true

Their dreams come true
New sewing machine fulfills dream of Seema Akter.

Seema Akter passed the HSC exam from Begum Rokeya Govt College three years back. She lost her father, lone breadwinner of the family. She along with her mother and three sisters faced untold economic hardship. She could not continue study.

Her mother bought some cows, goats, chickens and ducks. The family kept body and soul together depending on income from eggs and milk. Two of her elder sisters are engaged in batik works and youngest one is the seventh grader. Seema helps her mother in household chores.

Once she dreamt of higher education and better career which were marred and jeopardised after death of her father. Suddenly, she knew about Shuvosangho training centre and joined the three-month programme. She received a new sewing machine which she never afforded or thought of. Now, she is on way to resuming study and supporting the family.

In reaction, Seema said “I am very glad to have new sewing machine. Now, dreams come true due to the magnanimity of Bashundhara Group and Shuvosangho. I tender my thanks to them.”

Meanwhile, Nazma Begum, mother of three children, is one of the recipients of the training. At one stage of conjugal life, her resorted to second marriage and divorced her. She along with a son and a daughter came back to parental home. Her father took their responsibilities within limited scope.

Nazma got admitted again to college for pursuing BA degree. Her betel leaf trader father helped in this regard. But she was not happy with unemployment. After knowing about the training, she got enrolled. Upon completion, she received a new sewing machine and became emotional. “I dreamt of self-reliance. Thus, I received training and sewing machine from Bashundhara Group. I would like to be a woman entrepreneur.”

After passing the SSC, 29-year-old Ishra Arefin could not continue her study due to marriage. She got a small family with husband and mother-in-law. Their family was running depending on the husband's small income. Long after marriage, they have no children. The husband started abusing her mentally and physically. Unable to bear the torture, Ishra left her husband and moved to her father's house. Parents want their daughter to go back to her husband. Ishra realises that there is no place for a woman. She started looking for a job as she doesn't want to be a burden on others.

Learning about Shuvosangho's cost-free sewing training, she availed herself of the opportunity. After being trained, Ishra Arefin was given a sewing machine with financial support of the Bashundhara group. Ishra Arefin said, “I had a lot of desire to be self-reliant. Now, I have got a sewing machine. I am so happy. The Bashundhara Group fulfilled my dream.” Shanta Akter hailed from East Shalbon of Rangpur Sadar. Her family consists of husband and two children. She got married while she was the 8th grader. Her education came to an end after the marriage. Their family runs on what her husband earns as a mason.

They had to struggle a lot to meet the demand of the family. She dreamt to educate the kids and move towards a beautiful life. But, it was not possible with Shanta's little earning of her husband. She wants to stand by her husband financially. At this stage, she came to know about sewing training offered by Shuvosangho and got enrolled in. Later, Shanta got a sewing machine from the Bashundhara Group.

Expressing untold happiness, Shanta said, “I am glad to receive the sewing machine with the help of Bashundhara Group. Now, I will be able to support my husband by earning from the sewing machine. I will be able to educate my children in the befitting manner.”

Thirty poor women like Shanta and Ishra were given sewing machines by Bashundhara Group to make them self-reliant.

Mamata Begum’s husband is a driver by profession. One day, her husband was seriously injured in a road accident. A lot of money was spent in the treatment of her husband. Mamata got enrolled in the Shuvosangho’s sewing training center with the determination to support her 9-year-old daughter's education and stand by her husband. After the training, Mamata also received a sewing machine with the help of the Bashundhara group. Mamata Begum said, “I am very happy, Bashundhara Group has given me a sewing machine. Now, I can help the family by sewing.”