Friday, 9 June, 2023

Sabila Nur gets huge response for Eid dramas

Sabila Nur gets huge response for Eid dramas

Sabila Nur is one of the most popular small screen actresses of this generation. She has presented many notable works in her decade-long career. The actress is now one of the trusted actresses to the directors. 

Eid-ul-fitr 2023 is considered one of the best Eids of Sabila’s acting career. Her several dramas have been aired this Eid. Her performance in those dramas was highly appreciated. Especially Shihab Shaheen’s ‘Runu Bhai 3’, Ananya Emon’s ‘Birotihin Jatra’, ‘Aposhina’, Saidul Emon’s ‘Neera’, Mashriful Alam’s ‘Kodom Bone Brishti’, SR Majumder’s ‘Miss Barber’ and Naeem Imtiaz Neyamul’s ‘Sara Morubhumi’.

 About her Eid dramas, Sabila Nur said, “I am especially getting a lot of responses for ‘Runu Bhai 3’, ‘Birotihin Jatra’, and ‘Aposhina’. Since, I acted in ‘Runu Bhai’ drama earlier. So the audience was interested to see what is going to happen in this episode. The audience also likes my role as a UNO in ‘Aposhina’.”

“To be honest, I’m still constantly learning how to act. Whenever my acting works come out, I feel like I could have done a little better. The scriptwriter, director, and co-artists have been supporting me, I think if I get everyone’s support like this, one day I will become a good actress,” she added.