Friday, 9 June, 2023

12th national polls

Image matters

With the 12th parliamentary elections approaching, it is time for the political parties to launch a field-level survey and conduct a thorough background check to assess winnability of prospective candidates in each constituency. Ideally the political parties are expected to field candidates with clean image and acceptability among the people for the upcoming national polls. And the incumbent lawmakers who have become detached from the party rank and file and the people and those who have tainted their image by engaging in corruption and triggering controversies should be shown the door.

But in a time when money and muscle rule the roost in politics, political parties are often seen keeping doors ajar for controversial or even convicted candidates only to dominate the political field. In this way when the national parliament gets elected representatives who are corrupt or convicted in a crime, the nation does not have much hope left.

Against this backdrop we welcome the ruling Awami League’s apparent strategy of not giving tickets to incumbents with tainted image for the next general elections. The party’s decision to bar two incumbent mayors from contesting in the upcoming mayoral elections is a signal that the same strategy will also be followed in the national elections.

Reportedly, Awami League is carrying out a thorough background check of the prospective candidates and holding survey in each constituency on a regular basis to get a clear idea about their popularity. Therefore, the ruling party knows who is who among its nomination aspirants, and it is expected that it will not compromise with honesty and dedication.

One would like to hope that among the current lawmakers and ministers, whose profiles are tainted with various allegations, will be left out. Upon completion of necessary investigation, a list of the candidates with clean image, popularity and a mix of youth and experience should be finalised. Next parliamentary election is very important for Awarmi League and it should pull together whatever resources it has to secure a fourth term in a row.