Saturday, 10 June, 2023

Eid Shopping

Light fabrics, colourful clothes in high demand

Light fabrics, colourful clothes in high demand
Eid shopping has gained momentum in the capital ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr with shoppers thronging different markets. The photo was taken from Bashundhara City Shopping Complex on Tuesday. – sun photo

As Eid-ul-Fitr draws near, shoppers are prioritising light fabrics and colorful clothes to combat the scorching heat.    

This year, Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated a week after Pahela Baishakh, the Bengali New Year, prompting shoppers to choose vibrant clothes for both occasions.

The shopping spree has attracted upper, upper-middle, and middle-class shoppers to various malls, but lower-middle and working-class people have not yet begun their shopping in full swing, as they await their Eid bonuses.

The hot weather expected during this year's Eid-ul-Fitr has driven up demand for cotton clothes.

Lily Tasnia Chowdhury, a housewife shopping at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, said, "I have come to buy clothes for me and my family members. Since it will be hot this Eid, I am buying cotton clothes with light design. Besides, I am selecting colourful clothes marking the Bangla New Year celebration.”

Fashion houses have also shifted their focus to lighter materials like cotton, which is suitable for both hot and rainy weather.

Kay Kraft owner Khalid Mahmud noted that customers are avoiding heavy clothes and designs, opting for simpler and more comfortable options. Mahmud added that designers are keeping global price increases in mind to ensure their products remain affordable for consumers.

Many shoppers have expressed their preference for local brand shops, which have earned their trust by offering high-quality products.

Nahid Hossain, a private sector employee, praised local brands for their comfortable fabrics and classy designs.

Local fashion brands like Ecstasy, Yellow, Cat’s Eye, Sailor, Sara Lifestyle, Grameen UNIQLO, Aarong, Nabarupa, Kay Kraft, Anjan’s, Biswarong, Deshal, Rong Bangladesh, Richman, Infinity, Texmart, and Gentle Park have drawn significant attention with their wide range of designs.

Sara Lifestyle's head of fashion design, Shamim Rahman, said they have produced light yet elegant dresses with a blend of modern and traditional elements, keeping in mind the different times of day during Eid.

In addition to cotton, there is also a high demand for linen, georgette, and chiffon this year. Men are opting for bright-colored punjabis with light embroidery, shirts, t-shirts, fatwas, and kablis, while women are choosing saris, salwar kameez, round gowns, kurtis, one-pieces, two-pieces, tops, pants, frocks, and skirts with various designs.

Children's preferences include punjabis, shirts, t-shirts, fatwas, frocks, and salwar kameez.