Tuesday, 30 May, 2023

Bangabazar Ravaged by Massive Inferno

Bangabazar Ravaged by Massive Inferno
(1) The traders took out some goods and kept them to the street.

A massive fire breaks out at the Bangabazar market, one of the biggest and popular clothing markets in the country, at around 6:10am on Tuesday and guts the sprawling market that housed 2,370 shops in a labyrinthine structure.



(2)          Traders of an adjacent market peep through a window to charred debris.


(3)          An angry mob pelt bricks and stones at the head office of Fire Service and Civil Defense.


(4)          Firefighters from 50 units are battling the huge blaze at the popular clothing market.


(5)          Air force helicopters sprayed water on the blaze to try and extinguish the inferno.


(6)          A huge crane being used to tame the massive fire.


(7)          The firefighting units with support from the army and the air force are able to bring the fire under control after six and a half hours.


(8)          Since the fire breaks out, a large crowd of thousands of people has formed on the roads adjoining to the market.  

  —Reaz Ahmed Sumon