Monday, 29 May, 2023

Photo show ‘Role of Russia in Liberation War’ held in Dhaka

Photo show ‘Role of Russia in Liberation War’ held in Dhaka

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A photo exhibition titled ‘Role of Russia in Liberation War and Development of Bangladesh’ was held in the capital on  Thursday. The Russian House in Dhaka in collaboration Liberation War Academy Trust organised the exhibition, marking 52 years of Bangladesh’s Independence.

A total of 58 photographs were displayed at the day-long exhibition. A discussion was also held before start of the exhibition.

Liberation War Academy Trust Chairman Abdul Kalam Azad recalled the heroic struggle of the Bengali nation for freedom and the sacrifices for this lofty goal. He also underlined the former USSR emergency assistance and post-independence economic reconstruction, Russia’s role in creating the framework which should not be forgotten.

 Director of the Russian House in Dhaka Maxim Dobrokhotov drew attention to the historical nature of the bilateral relations between the then Soviet Union and the Russian Federation and Bangladesh, their continuity and today’s progressive development in the political, economic, educational and cultural fields, interaction at a higher level.

Freedom fighters and their families from different parts of the country including Dhaka were also present in the event.