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Confusion being spread over country’s prosperity: Hasan

Confusion being spread over country’s prosperity: Hasan
Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud address grassroots representatives of Awami League in Rangunia of Chattogram on Friday. —SUN PHOTO

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CHATTOGRAM: Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Friday said ill-attempts are being made to spread confusion in the country regarding the economic prosperity, reports BSS.

Many people do not like the economic prosperity of Bangladesh, which has been achieved under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the worthy daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. That is why attempts are being made to create confusion in the country, he said.

The minister said this while briefing journalists on contemporary affairs at his Dewanji Pukur Par residence in the port city.

Hasan, also Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League (AL), said Bangladesh is continuously moving towards prosperity as the poverty rate is decreasing in the country day by day.

Some newspapers are publishing purpose-oriented negative news. Identified persons from abroad are trying to mislead people by spreading fabricated information against Bangladesh. But this propaganda can not restrain Bangladesh from making progress, he added.

Noting that the diplomat's intervention in the internal affairs of the country is not appropriate, Hasan said they will be made aware of the Vienna Convention, if it is necessary.

The minister said the country is not seeking help from others for the national budget, rather they are showing interest in helping the country.

The AL leader also said various newspapers of the world are praising the way the country is moving forward despite the corona epidemic and the global recession.

Recently, Bloomberg published a report, where it said that due to economic prosperity and maintaining economic stability despite the Corona pandemic, there is a chance of Sheikh Hasina to win the next election and she is going to be elected for the fourth consecutive term, the information minister added.

The day before yesterday, our planning minister told a press conference that when we formed the government in 2009 the number of people living below the poverty line was 41 percent of the entire population. It has now dropped to 16 percent amid the corona-virus pandemic and global recession. Poverty rate in the United States is 17 percent, he said.

 According to the IMF report, the country's per capita income surpassed India during this Corona pandemic, he added.

Dr Hasan said Bangladesh's economy stood at the 60th position among economies in the world when we formed the government in 2009. Now we are the 35th economy in the world in terms of GDP.

 We have crossed 25 countries in the last 14 years. Malaysia's economy is one of them, he added.